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Affiliated to MG University
Recognised by NCTE
Accredited by NAAC (A Grade)



Since its inception in 1957 as a Christian minority institution aimed at educating secondary school teachers, the college has very well strived ahead in its march towards academic excellence. With a vast campus spread over 8 acres and 61 cents of land and equipped with adequate facilities and resources for various educational programmes, administrative functions and extension services, the college aims at the formation of a community of teachers who are professionally competent, morally upright, socially acceptable and employable at the local, national and international levels. The college stands for academic excellence, good discipline, development of skills, and character formation based on love of God and service of mankind as modelled in the person of Jesus Christ.

The college has always put great emphasis on staying ahead of the times. Foreseeing the needs of the future world of education, the college has taken much care to equip itself to impart the latest techno pedagogical skills to its wards. Infrastructural facilities are regularly upgraded to make this possible. The faculty regularly engages in professional development programmes and updates their skills in this regard and equips students for the needs and challenges of the times.

Ecological consciousness has been a significant part of its ethos. The college takes great care in organising activities that promote ecological consciousness and sustainability. Ecofriendly initiatives and practices are a hall mark of the institution. The river revival project undertaken by the institution is a recent example for the same. Promotion of health and well being through sports and games is another distinctive feature of the institution. The college took the lead in organising the first Inter Training Collegiate Athletic Meet under M.G. University, Kottayam in 2007 as part of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the college and has been since organising it continuously without fail. The college is perhaps the only teacher training institution having a well furnished UGC funded Indoor Stadium of its own. The college organised an Inter Training College Teachers Shuttle Badminton Tournament in the stadium, which again was the first of its kind. The college has a gymnasium with essential fitness equipment. It takes great care and interest in promoting sports and games among its students and community at large.

The college has formulated through its vast experiential repertoire a well designed student support system to ensure the wholistic development of the teacher trainees. The college aims at making the student teachers set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bond) goals. The institution ensures the integrated development of personality of its stake holders without compromising professional competency. Thus the institution aims to nurture globally competent teachers who shall promote democratic and spiritual values to create a just and humane world.