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Ethics Committee

As per the instruction from the University based on the government order, a surprise Inspection squad and Ethics Committee was formed in the college on 29/11/2010. The main objective of the committee is to conduct strict inspection to ensure

  • Ban of use of mobile phones in the institution
  • Ban of obscene cinematic dance and fashion shows
  • Conduct in tune with the ethics of the college

The committee meets every month to evaluate the action taken upon in this regard

The members of the surprise Inspection squad committee are:

  1. Dr. Varghese K Cheriyan (Principal)
  2. Dr. Tessy Joseph Kallarackal (Asst. Professor)
  3. PTA President
  4. College Chairman

The members of the Ethics Committee are:

  1. Fr. (Dr. ) Sibichen K. K(Asst. Professor)
  2. Fr. (Dr.) Thomas P J (Asst. Professor)
  3. Dr. Benny K M (Asst. Professor)
  4. Mrs. Latha Joseph (Asst. Professor)